About Us

Our Story
Our story began in 2007! I first began sewing clothes in my home for my first born son! That hobby soon led to a career and after years of market research we emerged into online sales in 2011. The journey has been an adventure, but we have learned so much through the years and have enjoyed developing the amazing family of Swanky Baby Vintage!
 How would I describe our style?
Southern in charm and timeless in style the fashions of Swanky Baby Vintage offer bold patterns and colorful prints in traditional silhouettes updated with contemporary expectations. The easy, mix & match collections create the perfect wardrobe essentials for on-the-go little ones. Children become carefree centerpieces amidst the playful colors and prints that make up Swanky Baby Vintage, allowing them to laugh endlessly, play vividly and love blindly as their day passes in comfortable, classic fashion. Easy to care for and easy to wear, Swanky Baby Vintage is the modern answer to timeless style!